Redcord Neuromuscular Activation

What is Neuromuscular Activation?

Neuromuscular Activation (Neurac) consists of therapeutic exercises in Redcord slings. The aim of the Neurac method is to restore pain-free movement patterns and improve function. Neurac treatment challenges the interplay between muscles and focuses on what is causing the problem – not only on the symptoms.

Studies show that pain and/or inactivity can disturb signals sent to the muscles from the brain. This disturbance can lead to impaired muscle interaction causing some muscles to be overloaded and painful.

Neurac consists of specially tailored exercises and techniques in Redcord ropes and slings, aiming to restore functional and pain-free movement patterns through a high level of neuromuscular stimulation.

Neuromuscular Activation treatment aims to be pain-free and without negative side effects. The treatment requires motivation and concentration from the patient. The exercises can be both hard and challenging but should always be performed with control and with good movement quality.

Neurac treatment is indicated for musculoskeletal ailments such as:

  • Low back pain and pelvic girdle pain
  • Neck pain and neck pain with headache
  • Shoulder / arm dysfunction (e.g. impingement and tennis elbow)
  • Leg dysfunction (e.g. patellofemoral pain syndrome)