Yes, we can help you

We treat a wide range of patients including infants, women during pregnancy, athletes, office workers, labourers and just about anyone else suffering from pains, strains, injuries of all kinds or in need of post-operative care!

We can help you if you need:

Private patient care • Direct billing to 3rd party insurance coverage holders (extended health benefit coverage and LTD) • MSP • ICBC • WSBC • RCMP • DVA 

As broad as the range of patients we see are the range of injuries and conditions we treat, including:

Sports injuries

Sprains & strains, acute or chronic

Pre and post operative rehabilitation


Vertigo (BPPV)


Inflammatory conditions

Post fracture

Whiplash, post MVA

Peripheral neuropathies

Disc protrusions/herniations

Pelvic health/Women’s health including pregnancy related pain