Private Assessment/Followup $75
MSP $30
ICBC User Fee $40
Abbreviated Treatment/Traction $25
Worksafe BC *Covered By Worksafe BC with approved claim


Private Assessment/Followup $145 90 minutes
Private Assessment/Followup $125 75 minutes
Private Assessment/Followup $110 60 minutes
Private Assessment/Followup $90 45 minutes
Private Assessment/Followup $65 30 minutes
Hot Stone (Rietta Brisco only) $165 90 minutes
Hot Stone (Rietta Brisco only) $145 75 minutes
Hot Stone (Rietta Brisco only) $125 60 minutes

Note: MSP will pay $23 towards visit. ICBC will pay $24.15 towards visit. The balance of appointment to be paid by the client.


Initial Assessment/Treatment $140 60 minutes
 Pediatric Assessment/Treatment $120 60 minutes
 Follow-up $100 45 minutes
 Follow-up $70 30 minutes
 Follow-up $70 30 minutes

Please note, we require 24 hours notice for cancellation of appointments. Please view our cancellation policy here.

Also note, in order to offer direct billing services, as of June 1st, 2019 we require a credit card be kept on file. To view details of our credit card for direct billing requirements, click here.